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Remodelling and Design

opal ring.JPG

Ring handmade using 

customers stones and gold

The design process can be a lengthy one, so it always helps when a customer can give their own input. Whether it be a list of things they like/don’t like or better still, pictures of their favourite designs. From there, I can help to create an item/items that you will enjoy wearing for many years and know that you were involved in its design. Even if you have absolutely no idea of what you would like, pop in and I can give some suggestions…there may be things you could do, which you hadn’t even considered possible!
Simple items which can be made using customers materials include wedding and wishbone rings, bangles and heart pendants but the possibilities are endless, especially when it’s possible to add stones to any of these too.
Some designs cannot be made by hand and in these cases, we use companies who can help us with Computer Aided Design (CAD) in order to construct the ideal piece of jewellery to incorporate your stones. Using this service means that we are unable to work with customers gold but in many cases, can be a more economic way to produce the perfect item.
If you would prefer to discuss your requirements for design in private, appointments are available after 5pm most nights so please contact us.
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