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McMaster jewellers is a small, family business in Falkirk run by myself, Karen McMaster and my husband Gordon. 

I've been in the trade for over 25 years, starting out by gaining an HND in Jewellery while also passing the internationally recognised diamond diploma, thereafter working at the bench for a local jeweller.

In 2018, we were honoured to be announced as winners of the Confetti Awards Scottish Wedding Ring Supplier of the Year, the title we still hold in 2023. 


While making jewellery is my passion, I do love choosing new stock for the shop. I like things which are a little different and seek out unique manufacturers so that I'm not just 'another high street shop'. 

When we opened back in 2016, one of the most important things to me was to be a shop where everyone felt welcome and comfortable to shop, whether they wanted to spend £10 or £10,000. This is as important to me now as it was then, so whenever you visit us, you can be sure of a great selection at all prices. And if you don't see what you are looking for, I can always make it!

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